Baroness Origena Devy

Head regent of Belhaim.


“It cannot be. Aeteperax was slain, over thousand years ago.”

Origena Devy met with the party as they were inspecting the ruins of the WItch Tower. Deciding them to be the most fit and available, she sent the stranded adventurers to investigate, promising great reward for their services.

Impressed with their efficiency within the old ruin, she promised the party further reward for pacifying the kobolds involved with the demolition of the tower. Somewhat uneasy at the prospect of the creatures remaining alive, she was calmed by Arkas’ assertion that they had been converted to the faith of Sarenrae.

She’s growing oddly trustful of the vagabond problem solvers, whom she had originally only planned to hire as a contingency.


Baroness Origena Devy

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