Balthus Hunclay

Mysterious wizard and town eccentric.


Balthus Hunclay was considered a plague upon the village. Strangely, no weird noises came from his manor, but he was generally rude and demanding towards everyone and everything that resided within Belhaim. He had been pestering Origena Devy for permission to knock down the Witch Tower for months, claiming that “the bloody monoloth is blocking the view of my observatory!” Origena, viewing the tower as some sort of memorial to her late husband, had refused – and was furious to find it toppled, immediately suspecting the old wizard. At his house, a fried kobold laid before the door, causing the city guard to put the building under constant surveillance until the matter had been resolved, and the building was cleared for entry.

Hunclay’s corpse was found within the bowels of the tower, crushed by the debris that came down during the collapse. He had struck a deal with Roaghaz of the Blood Vow Tribe to demolish it – but why? His manor may hold the answers.

Balthus Hunclay

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