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Chapter 1 - The Witch's Tower
Our heroes arrive, and start making their names known.

Our heroes had, for reasons of their owned, joined the caravan of a mister Silas Gribb as guards. On their arrival in the village of Belhaim, they were met by the sheriff, Ser Pelle Benhovy, and two of his deputies, who subsequently arrested Silas on a warrant for smuggling. The party swiftly convinced the sheriff they had nothing to do with it, and were believed – but were now stranded in a town where they knew no one. The proprietor of The Wise Piper Inn, a young girl named Talia Orem, took pity upon them, and offered them room and board in exchange for some menial assistance until they found a way to keep themselves afloat.

They were in the middle of breakfast when they heard a mighty rumble, first thought to be a thunderstorm. They rushed out to investigate, and swiftly discovered that The Witch Tower, an old structure in the village, had crumbled and fallen. A crowd gathered by the ruin, which the sheriff’s deputies attempted to keep the people at a distance. The party was allowed past, as they were armed and armored, and began to investigate. They found green-scaled kobold corpses among the debris, raising more questions than it answered. It was then, that Baroness Origena Devy arrived at the scene, demanding to know what was going on. The deputies did their best to explain the situation, and the Baroness looked to the party, asking who they were. Introductions were made.

“Today’s your lucky day. Mulle and Hodd here can’t handle
this without the Sheriff to hold their hands, and I want to
know what happened here. You seem to be a capable bunch.
If you go in there and look through the rubble-find out what
happened and why there are kobolds in my town-I’ll pay
the lot of you 500 gold pieces. While you’re looking around in
the ruins, keep an eye out for any signs of our local eccentric,
Hunclay. It seems somewhat suspicious to me that he’s not
answering his door. Let me know what you find.”

It was clear that she suspected that this was the work of Balthus Hunclay, the town’s residential wizard. The party agreed to take the job, and delved into the ruins, rife with monsters, treasures and traps. Within the rubble, Willem came upon a hardwood case containing paired, notched daggers crafted from Mithral. The dungeon was full of empty cells, save for a single one that held a ghost begging for food and water, exclaiming “Good Baron Sarvo wills it!” It was discovered that Baron Sarvo Canteclure was a Belhaim lord who rebelled against the crown in 4500AR. Other remnants of Baron Sarvo were present in the form of an old bronze plaque, depicting a rooster above two crossed spears, with the words “Confession cleanses the soul – Pain clarifies the mind” inscribed below them.

Further within, they came upon a large cage with treasure chests behind the bars, as well as a tunnel that they deduced would lead further in. The Mithral daggers turned out to be the keys for lowering the bars, and within they found the corpse of the wizard, lying crushed beneath the rubble of the collapse. The tunnel they were standing in was evidently recently fabricated, and the fabricators revealed themselves soon thereafter. A small band of kobolds, led by a female greenscale named Sesserak, attacked the party, but were swiftly outgunned by the more experienced and better trained fighters.

Sesserak told the adventurers that they were from a tribe called the Blood Vow, and that their chieftain, Roaghaz, had cooperated with the wizard to knock down the tower. She informed them that the tribe had made their home in the flooded quarry, and that a tunnel in the cave they stood in could be used as a shortcut. The party allowed Sesserak to escape with her life in return for her cooperation.

Returning to the Baroness and reporting their findings, she decided that the Blood Vow’s actions were too severe to go without retaliation, and sent the party to pacify them for more payment. They agreed, and decided to take the rest of the day to recuperate, and split up to take care of business.

Willem and Arkas decided to head on up to the local hunter’s lodge, owned by a Eudomas Biton. He sold them a pair of fine, recurve longbows made from laminated wood and horn. Arkas noticed the man had a limp, and asked what had happened. It was revealed that Eudomas had been out hunting one day, and was snuck up on by a wolf, and had his leg mauled pretty badly. Arkas fixed him up, using his gifts and talents as a healer, swiftly earning the friendship of the old huntsman.

Alisia sought out the local schoolhouse, being the only library in town, and walked in on a class in session. The teacher, introducing himself as Tivadar Admes, was lecturing biology from a tome that Alisia noticed was incredibly outdated and full of misinformation. Feeling the call, she took over for Admes, who sat down in his chair and looked on the lesson with interest. The children, however, were more intrigued by the sudden substitute’s translucent skin, which Alisia swiftly twisted into a lecture on the various half-elemental races of Golarion. After the class ended, Tivadar informed Alisia that she was more than welcome to lecture his students when the opportunity arose, before leaving. Alisia then attempted to mimic his oddly graceful walking pattern, practically floating across the ground back to the inn.

Gormflaith took a trip over to Baccus’ Forge, where a large, burly half-orc who introduced himself as Big Bull Baccus was working his iron. He hooked her up with a suit of masterfully crafted and fitted banded mail, allowing her greater freedom of movement than her hand-me-down suit of scalemail had done before.

The party reconvened at The Wise Piper for some food and rest, before planning ahead for the next day.


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